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World Environment Center

With the World Environment Center, Glenn Prickett is serving as Interim President & CEO to help the organization chart a new strategy to advance its mission. Founded in 1974, WEC advances sustainable development through the business practices of its member companies, in partnership with governments, multilateral organizations, and NGOs. Known for its Gold Medal Award for International Achievement in Sustainable Development, WEC leads capacity building and thought leadership programs to improve sustainability performance in business.

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General Mills

With General Mills, we are developing innovative financing strategies to help producers in agricultural supply chains invest in the health of their soils. The company has pledged to advance regenerative agriculture practices on one million acres of farmland by 2030. These practices restore healthy soil ecosystems that boost farm productivity and the nutritional quality of food while improving water and air quality, supporting biodiversity, and combating climate change by removing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Through his years of experience and deep expertise, Glenn is helping General Mills advance strategies that both respect and leverage the value of nature to drive growth and renewal for our business while at the same time helping to regenerate natural resource ecosystems, doing good for both people and planet.
— Mary Jane Melendez, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer, General Mills

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Intrinsic Value Exchange

With the Intrinsic Value Exchange, we are developing the first securities exchange to list nature as an asset class. IVE's innovative financial products and trading platform will generate market prices for the value of ecosystem service, supply invaluable signaling to economic decision-makers, and inform the true cost of goods and services. IVE transforms intrinsic value into financial capital that can be used to protect and restore ecosystems and power the transformation to a sustainable economy.

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Earth Day Network

With EarthDay.Org, we are working to make the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020 the largest citizen movement in history for action on climate and nature. We are engaging partner companies and organizations in high-impact campaigns to mobilize people around the world in Citizen Science, Advocacy, Volunteerism, and Education (S.A.V.E.), all to build momentum, visibility, and action toward Earth Day 2020 and beyond.

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UCLA's Center for Diverse Leadership in Science

With UCLA's Center for Diverse Leadership in Science, we are creating opportunities for underrepresented people to gain education and experience to become leaders in addressing environmental challenges in their communities.  We are building partnerships with leading companies and NGOs to provide professional opportunities and financial support to create career pathways for students and to make the sustainability workplace more diverse and inclusive.  

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work with Glenn, whose commitment to diversity, inclusion and the environment has made him an invaluable partner in our work. Glenn is extremely knowledgable and well-connected! Through his ambassadorship of our Center, we’ve gotten in touch with folks from leading NGOs, research centers, corporations, and more.
— Aradhna Tripati, Director, Center for Diverse Leadership in Science at UCLA